Meet the owner of Summit!

Hello! My name is Brittany and I own a smoothie and tea shop off of Bowles/Wadsworth in Littleton!!! I packed up my vehicle moving from Minnesota to Colorado with a dream to open a business and help people! I went into a shop in college because my friend kept bringing in smoothies to class. I went in for lunch the next day with her to try it and felt amazing energy! I started with a Health Coach for helping with my weight loss goals. I lost 23lbs in 3.5 weeks, felt better than I ever had before, and saved so much money on groceries. I was even more hooked on this business opportunity. I called my dad up telling him I was dropping out of college to open a business like this. He probably thought I was crazy and told me I had to finish college… so that’s what I did. I finished college, then packed up my vehicle after graduation and moved to Colorado not knowing anyone with a dream! I found a place to open and got started with the steps to start serving the community in 2014. The shop has been open ever since helping people achieve their weight loss, muscle gain, energy, and endurance goals along with having a supportive community with meal plan coaching, support, accountability, and events to keep customers on track. The shop is similar to your favorite local small-owned coffee shop, but with options to get one on one nutrition coaching as well.

I have many customer stories, but one that stands out most is a girl named Ana who worked at a store a few doors down. She walked in one night and said “I am 16 years old, pre-diabetic and I hear you help people here”. It took everything in me to not start crying. I coached her with her moms consent for 5 years now. She lost 64lbs her first year with me, but her confidence, her friendships in school and soooo many things positively affected by this new healthier, active lifestyle change! She inspires me daily along with many others we’ve helped!!!

When you walk into Summit you are greeted with a welcome from our staff! You are served a shot of aloe vera for digestion, a green tea for energy and revving the metabolism along with our meal replacement protein shakes are only 200 calories, 24g of plant protein, 2 servings of fruits and veggies, 21 vitamins minerals nutrients, 9g of sugar (about half of an orange) and taste so good!!! This is a complete meal for on the go and loaded with nutrition! You will find yourself feeling really good and coming back regularly!!

We partner with gyms along with doing hikes to stay active, provide challenges for anyone wanting to lose weight, gain weight, win cash and get nutrition education! We have many social media groups to keep connected, recognize results, and provide recipes and encouragement!

So stop on by and check us out! Grab breakfast, lunch, dinner or post-recovery after a workout and taste these yummy drinks!!! Try it out for yourself!

8996 W Bowles
Unit L
Littleton, CO 80123
Phone: 720-468-0584

Monday - Friday
7am - 2pm
6pm - 8pm
Saturday - Sunday
9am - 2pm