Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life? Lose weight? Gain Muscle? Get involved in fitness as a beginner, regular person who works out, or for the advanced fitness person! Overcome a plateau? Gain support, accountability, and a group of people looking to achieve the same goals as you?

Starts January 11th 6:30pm!!!
Join us for our 5 Week Body Transformation Challenge!!!
– $25
– Cash paid out on the following categories:
– Body Fat % Lost
– Muscle Mass gained
– Best Before/After Photo Male
– Best Before/After Photo Female
– Prizes are given out for points earned for attendance!!
Week 1: Weigh-in, measurements, and before pictures are Wednesday, January 11th at Summit 6:30 PM!

Win $$$ + Nutrition + Fitness!!
FAST is $25 to join the 5 weeks, access to cash prize pod, recipes, pop-up workouts, support, accountability!
FASTER is FAST + a Nutrition Program with your Summit coach! Meal plan, recipes, macros customized to your body!
Private chat to post our meals, snack ideas, accountability, support, daily communication, nutrition coaching, nutrition education and more!
FASTEST is FASTER + including some type of fitness movement!!! Some of our recommendations are: Total Fitness Kickboxing, Hotworx, Cyclebar, and Fit by Angie. The goal is to move at least 30 minutes a day. Make fitness part of your routine and see how much faster you see results!!

Wednesday January 25th
Week 2: 6:30pm.
Midway Weigh In
No pictures or measurements this time.

Wednesday February 15th
Week 5: 6:30pm
Final Weigh In,
Measurements & After Photos

RSVP in this group that you will be there January 11th, 6:30pm. You will pay the $25 at that time along with getting you registered! You can also come into Summit before if you would like to pay in advance. Please do not wear black! Swimming suit-type clothing preferred! This is a PRIVATE photo taken.
If you cannot attend 1 of the weigh-ins contact your coach for an alternative solution. We also offer online challenges!

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