Thank you to all of our amazing customers!!!

Customer Appreciation Day is the last Saturday of every month! We have been in business since 2013 and are a 100% word of mouth business. Our community hears about us through a friend, family member or our staff! When they come in they bring in their friends and family, so we have a very close knit customer base that we know on a more personal level. We know most of our customers by name, have watched their kids grow up and know a piece of their life story. We take pride in getting to know our community and really helping them feel better with an awesome breakfast and short conversation before their commute to work or school or post recovery after workout in the evening. We have a variety of types of people, schedules and stories. We love to give back and spend some time each month recognizing them!

What is our Customer Appreciation Event? On a Saturday we are open normal hours 9am-2pm! We theme the event based on a holiday or something going on that month. We have done Beach Week, 80’s, Christmas, Valentine’s, Summer Vibes, Costumes for Halloween, Celebrate You and many more! We decorate the shop around this theme, put together kids grab bags with some fun toys and goodies, special water bottles, t-shirts, cups, etc for adults! We give away gift cards, raffle prizes and encourage local businesses to come in and participate with us! They set up a booth with a game and giveaways! We make protein waffles, pancakes, balls, donuts, fruits and veggies, healthy dips and other snacks! We have karaoke, kids face painting, trivia, comedy, entertainment, yoga class or workout class prior to the event at 8am at no cost. Our goal is to bring value to our community, have fun and get to know everyone a little bit better along with their families! This is our thank you to you for supporting our small business and allowing us to get to know you!


8996 W Bowles
Unit L
Littleton, CO 80123
Phone: 720-468-0584

Monday - Friday
7am - 2pm
6pm - 8pm
Saturday - Sunday
9am - 2pm