10 Day Accountability Group

Are you ready to take your results to the next level? We’re coming together to do just that! Heated workouts + What you Eat/Nutrition = Powerful RESULTS! +

Wednesday, July 5th we will start our 10 day accountability group to xcel your health goals to a new level! Support from others seeking the same results as you! Nutrition and Fitness guidance to gain lifelong skills for success!

Join one of our accountability groups for a fun community to hold each other accountable, learn more about nutrition and how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle, while getting the results you’re looking for!

Complete your FREE Wellness Profile at Summit! We will go over your health goals, weigh you in on our scale, go over how we can save money on food and give you some tips to get the best results! This will take about 15 minutes. The 10 Day Accountability Group we swap out 1-2 meals/day with shakes (12 meal replacement shakes + 12 metabolism boosting teas) and that will cost $50. Our goal is for you to get long term sustainable results, learn some tips on losing fat in your body, have more energy and no longer yo-yo diet.

Next, we add you into our 10 day accountability group on Telegram (free app). We post our shakes, snacks, meals, workouts each day! We will provide 1-1 coaching, group coaching, nutrition education, fitness education, recipes, mindset motivation and tips for the very best results with your daily routine! This is all done by your phone! You will be challenged with new HotWorx tests to propel your workouts to the max!

Once the 10 days are complete, we will be raffling off some prizes and celebrating your success!! We feel very confident you will gain immense value from this exclusive group! A huge jumpstart to incredible results! There will be options to continue on if you’re enjoying it!

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